Remembering …

Alva Lee Horton

She is the granddaughter of ACR Turner, Sr. who was the builder and owner of the historic farm house now located at CM Farms. Her father, Jeff Turner, passed away when Alva Lee was only two years old. He left behind a wife and six children ranging from 17 years to 2 years of age.

Being strong was the only option for Alva Lee, growing up during the Depression in such a large family and without a dad. The Alva Lee Mining Company structure originates from the Turner family just as the old farm house does. It stands strong, just like she has for so many years.

“She taught me to treat people with kindness, respect and love … to always work hard and love your family. These are all traits that I will encourage in my own children.”    Jackie Horton Melsheimer, Alva Lee’s granddaughter

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