Party FAQs

Who should be included in the birthday party headcount? Please only reserve the number that you are willing to pay for.  If you do not intend to pay for them, they are not to be counted in the headcount.  If you have someone in your group who is 2 and under, they are free and should not be included in the headcount. What is the minimum for a birthday party? The minimum is 15 people and the maximum is 40.  Example 1:  If you reserve a spot for 20 guests and only 15 show up, you will only be charged for the 15 guests.  Example 2:  If you reserved a spot for 15 guests and only 12 show up, you will be charged for 15 guests. Decorations for your birthday party: You may decorate for your special event; however it may not be decorated prior to your reservation time.  There may be other reservations scheduled before and after yours. Food & Drinks for your birthday party: Concessions are available at CM Farms.  You may bring in a cake or cupcakes.  A  small cooler of drinks may be brought in; however it must not contain glass or alcohol.  All food and drinks must be carried in through admissions. Weather: Extreme, unforeseen weather can force us to close at any time.  If you are in doubt about the weather conditions, please call 337-328-8916 before departing for CM Farms. Attire: Dress comfortably as if you are going camping.  Wear shoes conducive to walking.  Remember that you will be going to a farm, so dress appropriately for the best experience. Restrooms: We have men’s and women’s porta-potties along with a handicap/family porta potty located throughout the property.  We have hand sanitizer located by the farm animals. Forms of payment: CM Farms accepts cash and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)