Come Hungry! There’s lots to Eat!

We have cheeseburgers that come “loaded” and pair up really nicely with our hot crispy French fries. Speaking of fries — we can also serve those topped with chili and cheese, for a mouth-watering treat. Get pizza right outta the oven — or grab a juicy smoked turkey leg! 


Folks love our roasted corn-on-the-cob! We have fabulous BBQ brisket burgers, foot long corn dogs just like at the Fair, and a famous Southern dish — the Frito Pie!  Also: Crispy chicken tenders with dippin’ sauces, sausage-on-a-stick, nachos, cheese sticks … and more!  See what we mean? Come hungry!


Got a sweet tooth? We can take care of that! Munch on Funnel Cake fries (put whole ones in your mouth at once)! Try one of our many flavors of fudge. Or get a big bag of Kettle Corn to crunch on! Maybe some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies?

justnutsTry some of each! Our roasted nuts are a perfect snack for a Fall day!

Something to Drink?
We sell bottled water, Pepsi products, Gatorade (several flavors), tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Try our “Very, Very Cherry” and “Blue Raspberry” Slushies, too.