Maze opens September 30th this year!

The CM Farms maze is a labyrinth of twists, turns — and some pesky dead ends!  It’s all carved into a field of sorghum with stalks way taller than your head!  Get lost … and have the time of your life exploring this 12 acre “field of fun”.

In 2016 we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of  “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” 

maze_2016QR Codes
QR Code clues in the maze! You can use your smart phone to scan 10 different QR code signs for a clue to help you navigate the maze!

The Farm Scene Investigation 
Farmer Joe is missing. There was an accident, and it appears to be foul play. Hurry!  Solve the mystery. Put the guilty farm animal behind bars and save Farmer Joe.  And thus begins the new game that we’ve made a part of our corn maze adventure. Called ‘The Farm Scene Investigation‘, this game allows the corn maze participant to do more than just find their way thru the maze. With clues along the way, one solves the mystery at the same time finding the shortest route to the exit. Mind boggling and full of fun, come navigate the corn field maze while playing our newest activity, included in the farm admission.


Play Barnyard Bing-oh!
It’s a new and fun game that we’ve added to enhance your family’s experience at the farm! Enjoy! Play and be eligible for prizes!

Get a Passport!

We have added features to make your trip through the maze more challenging and fun!  You can use a themed Passport as a guide — it’s a series of questions, and the correct answers will route you along the correct path through the maze! We have lots of Passport topics to choose from: Tiny Tots (for little ones OR the directionally challenged!), scouting, Biblical, movies, sports, music,4-H and more!

It’s so corny!

Make your visit even more fun by watching for the “corny” signs throughout the maze grounds and unravel the conundrums (a riddle whose answer is a pun) as you go.  Betcha can’t get ’em all!

Bring family and friends to the farm!  We have special group rates